I just got back from my post-op/consultation appointment with the surgeon who did my emergency exploratory laparatomy. She is wonderful. Didn’t get to talk to her much when I was in the hospital but she is just about the nicest surgeon I’ve ever met! I added her to the list of doctors, if anyone is looking for a caring, warm and sincere general surgeon, Dr. Lily Chang.

I found out my surgery lasted 2 hours. I was told that it is rare to survive the type of surgery I had. Perforation of the bowel is pretty serious along with the peritonitis I developed in the few moments between procedures. They were extremely relieved and happy with my recovery so far and how quickly I turned around. I’m not completely free of complications but, she said the bulk of my recovery is over.

I questioned her about switching out tubes for new tubes or buttons. She told me that a tube switch would be ok to do in the next few weeks as long as it is to the same size or a size smaller, tube. It’d be done endoscopically like my last one, by the same GI surgeon. I asked if that would push back the recovery time needed for a button placement and she said it would not. So the following month I can get my button. It was all very good news. I was afraid I’d have to keep this ugly, stupid, useless tube for the rest of my tube feeding time. Not so!

I’m going in to talk to my GI about what my surgeon said, and to see if I could possibly schedule the procedure for a tube switch for next month. Just so I have something to work towards and so I don’t end up doing it last minute. Hopefully it all goes as well there as it did with my surgeon.

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  • Julia says...

    That’s good news Kirby!

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