I’ve recently updated this gastroparesis blog with a new top menu full of new pages including a Doctors, GP info and Photos page. Some of my old pages were updated with newer information and photos as well. Information that used to belong on my side bar can now be found at the top in drop-down menus. Hopefully you all find it easier to navigate and read. Feel free to browse all the new content.

I hope everyone has a wonderful, pain-free weekend!

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  • Sammy says...

    Music began playing when I opened up this web page, so frustrating!

  • Sammy says...

    I enjoy the opinions on this website, it definitely gives it that community sense!

  • Kirby says...

    I’m not entirely sure which page you are referring to. The only music I have on this site is within videos that are part of slideshows. If the music is a bother, turn it down but still enjoy the pictures 🙂

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