I’ve been putting this video together for awhile now. It isn’t so much of an awareness video, as all the others have been; it is more of a “documentary” video. I made it to help those that I meet, to give them an understanding of my whole story; not just the small time-frame or situation they may find me in. I had some issues getting it to show up as a public video, so I re-uploaded it and it seems to be working now. Thanks to everyone for inspiration!

I hope everyone is having a good tummy night and that we get to start out the week feeling better than most.

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  • Christina says...

    Hi there,
    My name is Christina and my mother suffers from gastroparesis. She was diagnosed in 2009 and survives of tpn and hydration. For the past three years my mom has been prescribed hydromorphone (opioid) to help with pain relief. In the past year I have noticed addictive behaviours and my family and I have spoken with her about reducing her use of this drug slowly to prevent withdraw symptoms. She has gone through extreme lengths to continue using this pain killer and my family and I are very scared for her well being. I was wondering what your experience was with taking pain medication for gastroparesis and if you reckon long term use of an opioid to be a necessary option. I do not understand my mothers pain so I am unsure if this strong of a drug is needed or not (long term). I was hoping you could provide me with your take on the matter — my family and I would appreciate your guidance as you know the struggles of living with gastroparesis. Please email me at Christina.kleon@me.com

    Kindest regards

  • Lauren says...

    Hi- your story and symptoms sound almost identical to mine. I was wondering if you’ve ever seen an autonomic neurologist, or if you have been approached about pandysautonomia or Shy- Drager. That’s what they’ve been talking about with me as far as a diagnosis goes and the reason for my gastroparesis, neurogenic bladder, POTS, and other symptoms.

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