Zaching with strength through chronic illness


He has a fanpage but – it is a bit congested right now. Here is his story and why I am always Zaching.

Zaching Through Cancer

Zaching 3.10.14

Butterflies are the “unofficial” representation of the death of a loved one – sort of like angels. People die and shed the pain and other problems to become a butterfly – just like the real ones do. Especially those of children. They become our protectors, offering comfort and strength when we need it most. They are our cheerleaders and help guide us through our lives.

I have been particularly close to a few kiddos. I follow their stories through Facebook. They use fanpages to ask for help, guidance, prayers and to simply share their story and increase awareness.

One was Eli.

Eli 4.28.13

This kid has gone through more things than 100 would in a single lifetime. He was the sweetest kid and I was there up until the early morning constantly refreshing my page for updates from the family when Eli unexpectedly went septic and in the end, it was too much. Stunned. No words. I always remember him. They called him tiny man. He is one of my butterflies.

Zach is now another one. My brother passed early; I was only one at the time, but I never leave him out. Another is Karen. She was my best friend I lost just a few weeks ago. If you remember. I’ve made so many videos; never thought I’d be making her final one to be shown at her celebration of life.

My last butterfly is my cousin. She died in a rollover accident almost taking her child with her. Luckily they were able to do an emergency c-section and get the baby out before my cousin died. The baby was far from ready to come, but she pulled through. I like to remember them. Always.


They teach us things we could never learn on our own and I feel sorry for those who aren’t exposed to people like them; “them” being those who are handicapped, chronically sick, with lives full of obstacles. It is through them, that we learn about ourselves and have the chance to make ourselves better.

I wanted to show you my butterflies that just came in. Nearly died putting them up. Victor didn’t like to hear that. Luckily I made it through yesterday with no signs of internal bleeding lol. Seriously, his chair broke my fall. It is a lot longer of a fall than I remember!

WP_20140321_006 - Copy WP_20140321_004

Pink – my cousin, Purple – Eli, Blue – my brother, Green – Zach, Yellow (she’s always been yellow) – Karen.

Of course I can’t forget the ones still fighting. There are so many and all pure angels. My buddy Ari has had it rough with open heart surgeries, including two surgeries in utero. He has another coming up in May as the valve isn’t quite right. You can read up about his crazy journey here: Echo of Hope. He’s a little buddy of mine I like to watch grow up. He’s my internet nephew and a handsome one at that!


These kids and their families are heroes. Every day is a battle but that’s life. I just wanted to share a little bit of the amazing people I fight with. If they can do it, I can do it. Our battles may be different and our ages may be years apart, but we fight together and for that, we are stronger.

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