After all was said and done, I have found the following maintenance medicines to be useful in maintaining my health and controlling symptoms. I take whatever medication I can get in liquid form, in hopes that it will absorb better. With GP, it really is a shot in the dark on if it gets absorbed, when it gets absorbed and how much of it gets absorbed if it is absorbed!

  • Suboxone (film): A non-opioid pain medication prescribed by my new pain management physician. The film medication allows for better absorption than a pill or capsule. I’m still not entirely convinced this is working but highly recommend others to try it out.
  • Fludrocortisone (AKA Florinef): Prescribed to help stabilize my blood pressure. I’ve unofficially been diagnosed with POTS and was fainting a few times a day before I started taking this medication.
  • Carbamazepine (AKA: Tegretol): A seizure controlling medication. I’m on many seizure medications. Don’t think I’ll be having another seizure any time soon.
  • IV Ondansetron (AKA Zofran): I take 16mg total each day via my port. I’ve been on this medication for my nausea for a long time and I think it is starting to lose its effectiveness.
  • Seroquel: Used for sleep in place of my Lunesta. I changed my sleep medication. This one seems to work even better than Lunesta and is more safe to take long-term than Lunesta.
  • Venlafaxine Hydrochloride (Effexor XR): For depression (who isn’t depressed when you have a chronic illness).
  • Gas-x: For … gas build-up.
  • Maxalt MLT: For intense migraines. Melts on the tongue instantly for quick absorption.
  • Hydroxyzine Pamoate (AKA Vistaril): Works with Seroquel at night and controls anxiety safely.
  • Ketorolac (AKA Toradol): Weaker migraine medicine I use when I don’t have Maxalt available and often combine it with OTC Excedrin Migraine x3.
  • IV Protonix: For Barrett’s Esophagus, reflux and stomach pain.
  • Gabapentin: Used in combination with my Lamictal to control seizure activity as well as provide pain relief. I take this three times a day.
  • Sumatriptan (AKA Imitrex IM): Injection I give myself to control a migraine. However, I do everything I can to avoid needing to use this as it will make a migraine 100% worse before anything gets better, if it gets better.
  • Riboflavin: Also known as B2 can act as a preventative OTC vitamin to help with migraines. Given I’m still having daily migraines after months using it, I’m still not convinced (though I was taking the wrong dose).
  • Lamotrigine (AKA Lamictal): One of my new seizure prevention medications I take twice daily to control epilepsy.
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  • Kirby says...

    It is a strong medication but they put me on it in order to take me off all my medications in order to see if my pain was being caused by the very medication they prescribe. They also wanted to see if they were the cause of some of my seizures (I have more than one type with the most devastating one: Grandmal seizures). Right after they took my Ativan away, big seizure… and to top it off, I broke two vertebrae. My neck hurt so badly. One of the worst pain someone can endure. It took them four weeks to take a simple x-ray in the ER. He humored me with that x-ray, completely denying my symptoms and pain. He comes walking in and says, “Well we know why you are in so much pain!” Back broke in several vertebrae that were stretched so violently during their induced seizure with Ativan being the last medication they removed and BAM, seizure. Seems ativan is doing more than just an anti-anxiety medication but one that helps in many ways including migraines and these seizures. Taking it away is not even an option in my eyes.), they broke. They waited four months to even do an e-ray. Had they listened to me or did their job, they could have fixed those bones before they fused together the wrong way. Every time I complain of something being wrong, something is wrong. Yet they always doubt me. Not much I can do. My options and health are steadily decreasing. Hope this cardiology appointment is as good as those who see him. We will see.

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