A simple set of slides credited to Lacter Senior High for putting them all together. The music and message really help to calm and put things into perspective during the most of chaotic times. I hope many find it as helpful as I have and that the joy it has brought will be multiplied many times over.

One of the important points made in the slideshow that hit me was, “No matter how you feel; get up, dress up, show up.” We simply cannot wait to feel better to do the things we need to do in life. We cannot sit around waiting for what we define as a good day to experience life. We need to go out and do things, see people, interact with the world and be with the world. Some days it is difficult to do this, I know. Some days it is hard just getting out of bed, but if you are able to do so – do it. You’ll feel that much better if you do, and that much worse if you don’t. Good things will come, you just need to make them happen. Big or small – they’ll happen. And to be honest – I think it’s the small simple stuff that has the most meaning in my life and the stuff that I most look forward to every morning I wake up and think and dream about each night I go to sleep.

Please, browse through the stories found in the drop-down menu above, or the humor section where you can find both things written and videos that will be sure to put a smile on your face and perhaps give you that little bit of energy to get up and get something done that will make you feel as though something got done today =)

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