We are chameleons, and our partialities and prejudices change place with an easy and blessed facility, and we are soon wonted to the change and happy in it. ~ Mark Twain: Mark Twain at Your Fingertips

My first experience with the Evergreen ER followed by the Hospital was not a good one. I wrote of this experience as a chunk of hospital experiences as I went from one hospital to the next in the course of a month or two. My review of this hospital was not a favorable one. I wanted to take the time to change that review to one of praises. I often look back and wonder why my experiences before were so horrible. I can only blame the time in which I entered the hospital, Christmas Day. The holidays, I guess, is a bad time to be anywhere but home – a place I couldn’t get to this year.

I spent a little over a week in the Blue cardiac ward of Evergreen Hospital. I have nothing but good things to say of my stay there, from janitors, to nurses, to doctors and to administration. They all went above and beyond anything I could have asked for to make me comfortable. I was admitted on the 15th of March due to horribly low potassium levels, scary abnormal EKGs, excruciating abdominal pain and migraines. My resting heart rate at admission was 130. I was released on the 21st with a resting rate of 100 with the hope that it would continue to stabilize with now normal potassium levels and controlled pain levels. I am still working on the pain thing as usual but again, everyone there was amazing and I recommend this hospital just as I would any other hospital I have been to. I feel lucky to live 5 minutes away to such an awesome healthcare network.

A special thanks to Nurse Habiba and Dr. Kubesh. You both were wonderful! Words cannot fully express my gratitude.

Thanks again Evergreen. If I find myself needing emergency care – you’ll see me again. With GP…it is something that will happen more likely than not. Sad but true fact. At least I know there will be wonderfully awesome people waiting to care for me!