Trouble getting a picture from two Ambers here. Try to identify yoursself and then do the NAME, AGE, Primary Diagnosis… I’ll use them in the video if I can get my pictures sorted. In the beginning my goal was different so those that sent in pictures first, didn’t know about the change. Thank you! And still looking for the owners of these ladies’ photos and the same required information.

* REMEMBER: send in videos of you showing muscles if you can. It will make a bigger impact if we can sprinkle in some of the videos within my straight photos.

* Also remember to include your caretakers or family/friends also doing the strong man pose because we all know that without them, everything would be a million times more difficult. I already included my brother strong man pose with my nephew on his shoulders, also posing 🙂 So get creative and have fun! Show the world that despite possibly life threatening diseases, you are strong and will never stop swimming *

Thank you so much to those who have already submitted. I’m tinkering with songs and templates for the video to get our point across. If you have any uplifting songs you like – toss them out to me. I love taking suggestions.

Also, sorry if there are repeats in there or you have already updated it via PMs. I’ve made the changes on FB but not my files. Remind me again if you could so I can make the necessary changes. I’ve been getting a flood of responses and that’s so amazing. But I need to find a way to organize these posts a little better.

*** REMEMBER – due date for submissions is January 31st. ***


Jennifer Cockburn

Ashley Lynn




Age 3



Shelly GP

Sarah Cox



Michelle Sleczka

Mel Halliday (2)


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