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I have suffered the symptoms of gastroparesis for many years. When I first got diagnosed, I wanted to know all possible treatments and the progression of treatments if one of them failed. I also wanted to know, from a patient’s point of view, how all the processes worked, how it would feel and what happens during all types of treatment. In the next few pages I offer just that – personal experiences with different treatments for my symptoms of GP as it progressed to what it is today. It is not meant to be medical advice; always consult your doctor when you experience symptoms or decide on treatments.

Medications and Maintenance Medications

Gastric Neurostimulator

Failed Attempt at Getting a Low-Profile Jejunal Feeding Tube



jejunostomy low-profile feeding tube button



TPN and Central Lines



Feeding Backpack

Feeding Backpack

Gastric Emptying Scan Experience


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  • Peggy Aughtry says...

    I was to have a routine gallbladder removal in june 2011 off work 1 wk it has now been 2 1/2 years of hec!!!! I recently was told after 4 hrs i still have 84% of my food still in my stomach i spend my every awake moment surpressing vomit. The nausea alone is disabling. I can barely move my head. If i move to much or to fast I barf. Get to happy I barf, to mad sad or glad I barf. This is so isolating I can’t believe it. It is hard to be around someone who barfs or has to be still and quiet to keep from it. Then add the spasming nausea and wow its a party. I am actually so thankful for texting because talking is one of my biggest barf triggers. I have found that you must be careful how much emotion you show to drs because then everything in their eyes becomes because your depressed. I am in no way suicidal but this is awful! It profoundly affects my life negatively. I am very much a glass half full type of gal but this sick journey I have been on has taken that from me. Thank you for your site it is hard to feel anything but passionate about this condition when your living it. I gained a lot of helpful info from you. Regards

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