May 21, 2010

This past weekend I found increasing drainage coming from my stoma. I thought nothing much of it and figured it was just from irritation brought on by the new activity of my Berner. My Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, Ellie has taken a liking to my stoma and enjoys pouncing all over it. Of course this causes pain and drainage, and I figured there was no other deeper problem. However, the drainage continued and the stoma site began to smell differently than it had before. I contacted my gastroenterologist and he had me come in the next business day. He cultured it and yes, another staph infection. They are still unsure as to which antibiotic sensitivity it has so I have not been able to start antibiotics.

I had a staph infection of my stoma almost a month ago today. I guess when you have a rather large tube hanging out of your body, you are bound to get infections. Other than increased fatigue and pain (which I take care of with oxycodone), I can deal with this new normal in my life. I can still get out and climb or shop or take walks, so I’m not complaining!

July 7, 2010
My tube has recently gotten infected and I am back on antibiotics. Hopefully it clears up before my second attempt for a button, surgery.

August 1, 2010
I post pictures here only so those who think they may have one, have some sort of idea of what one might look like. In any case, my stoma has now become infected, once again. It happens so frequently that I don’t even need to go in for an appointment anymore. I just call my doctor or surgeon and they call in a prescription. It doesn’t bother me so much anymore other than the fact I’m rather drained of energy. I’m OK in the morning and early afternoon but come 4 or 5pm, I sort of hit a wall and start feeling ill and tired (and grumpy). So I try to get everything done before the early afternoon and it all seems to work out OK. The button is still wonderful and all the work that my doctors and I put in to get one for me, is still completely worth it. I LOVE it and recommend anyone with a tube to get one, if possible.

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