I’ve been fighting a bit with granulation tissue since my infection cleared up. The granulation tissue has been draining something nasty, bleeds a bit but surprisingly doesn’t hurt. It is growing more inside than outside which has made it difficult to treat. My doctor has taken silver nitrate sticks to burn off, or cauterize, the growing tissue. It is a painless procedure but does cause soreness a few hours later. The tissue will die and form a scab that will later just fall off.

The unusually high drainage from the granulation tissue keeps the wound moist. Perhaps that is the reason it has been continually infected. This will be something I’ll need to watch.

What is granulation tissue and how do you get rid of it?

Granulation tissue is basically tissue your body makes when trying to repair a wound. In the case of a feeding tube stoma, it is laying down tissue to try to repair the hole. This tissue is often painful to touch, bleeds easily, can cause an increase in drainage and is pink or red in color. Even just a little bit of this tissue can cause a lot of pain.

It can grow anywhere; under the skin (where it is hard to detect), around the edge of the stoma, on top of the skin around the stoma and I’ve even heard it can grow up through the tube itself.

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