For a tube feeder, like myself, a backpack is a constant companion. This is especially true when a tube feeder is either a day feeder or feeds longer than just nights. It is important to find a backpack that is comfortable and has the capacity required for the tube feeder’s needs. Most backpacks also require some modification to work well. These are the things I looked for when I went shopping for a new backpack after giving up on the one supplied to me:

  • Appearance: It needed to look good
  • Weight: It needed to be light when empty because I knew my supplies alone were heavy enough
  • Hydration Capacity: It needed to be able to hold my TPN (2L) plus more in case I needed to increase it down the road
  • Overall Capacity: I didn’t want it to be too big but big enough to hold my everyday things so I wouldn’t need an extra bag to carry around. This backpack would become my purse as well.
  • Hooks and Holes: It needed to have a way to hold up my TPN bag so that it didn’t pinch at the bottom and it also needed a way for the tube to connect to the pump which would be in a different chamber of the backpack. It also had to have a way for the tube to exit the backpack in a reasonable spot where I could connect it to my port without it being too awkward

  • After much searching both on the internet and through stores, I finally found a backpack that fit all my needs! This backpack is by far the best I’ve come across. It is super light, the lightest hydration pack on the market so far, is very comfortable to wear (even 24/7), has a lot of room to expand if I need more space and has easy to access side pockets that can be secured with straps. But what sold me was the hole that connected the hydration chamber to the other area where I’d have my pump. The hole is where my tube would go. Not only that but it also had a Velcro strap at the top to hang my TPN feeding bag so it doesn’t drop down to the bottom of the bag. These two features are rarely found in any backpack and I know also the hole connecting the two backpack compartments does not exist in any backpack I’ve ever seen before. Those features are typically ones feeders have to do themselves. I’m not very handy and I was determined to find a backpack that required no adjustments on my part to make it work. This backpack, the one I linked above, is the only one I found. I got it in black though. Like I said, it has to look good too! Here are some pictures I took of mine:

    Stats Breakdown:
    Weight: 530g (1/3 lbs)
    Volume: 20L (1220 cubic inches)
    Size: 19 / 10 / 7.1 (H x W x D) inches
    48 / 26 / 18 (H x W x D) cm
    Material: HexLite 210 / Deuter-Ripstop 210
    * Removable waist and chest belts *

    What’s in my Backpack?

    I carry with me:

  • A vial of zofran
  • Syringes with needles
  • Flushes (both saline and heparin)
  • Imitrex IM
  • Keys, sunglasses (for the random day the sun comes out), wallet, phone
  • Bag of dog treats when my service dog is out with me
  • iPad
  • Those are just my everyday things. Of course I adjust or add to the list depending on where I’m going or how long I’ll be away. That list will always include my TPN bag (2L of fluid) and my brick of a pump. Everyone is different but this bag is sure to benefit everyone, not just TPN feeders, but I’m pretty sure it will work for HEN feeders as well. The system is the same. I’ve tried and looked at many others. This is my bag and I highly recommend it!

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    • Jennifer Cockburn says...

      thanks for the info. I also loved the backpack song <3

    • Kirby says...

      Glad it helped! I tried on so many backpacks and went looking for that many more until I found the perfect one. A bit pricey but worth it when it is the one you’ll have with you for the better part of your day/night and sometimes, life! Hope you are well 🙂

    • Elizabeth Hussey says...

      Hi, I was diagnosed over two years ago. Reglan has been my only treatment . I notice no help from this medication. On something new call Lizette (not sure of spelling). Brand new medication (commercials on TV). Either diarrhea or nothing. I bloat so big I look like I am about to give birth. Very uncomfortable, painful, weight gaining to the tune of 30lbs.
      Since then have been to a new GI doc. He is suggesting GJ surgery (Gastric Jejunum). They would remove stomach and Jejunum ands place feeding tube in (would be permanent). I am going to University of Chicago for second opinion. Been to Mayo Clinic which was a waste of two years. I am trying everything over the last two years, natural medication, juicing, colonics, probiotics, etc. I am very much against the surgery. Dehyration is a real issue I fight everyday, weakness, bedridden much of the time from lack of hydration. Getting weaker everyday. Help?

    • Angila Reddy says...

      I am interested in getting this backpack
      Can’t seem to open your amazon link. Can you help? Also there are several other packs and I don’t want to order the wrong one. I’m new to my J tube and feeds are continually running. And this one that came with my pharmacy pkg is terrible
      Also reading your site gives me hope to deal with all this. It’s been 4 years now. Also was wondering how you deal with the social pact of being a tubie. Holidays are getting me down.
      Hope you are well

    • Angila Reddy says...

      Thanks so much for the tip on the back pack I love it no more errors and alarms and very practical and I no longer have to carry a purse. Everything I need fits perfect. Thanks again

    • Kirby says...

      It makes me so happy to hear these positive experiences. The backpack I use is amazing and can hold quite a bit, not including your IV supplies and TPN/tube feeding. I researched it to death. I was willing to pay more for a backpack that would hold its own against everything I would have it do. It was the only one I found that required no alterations as that was big for me as I’m not at all creative enough to do that on my own. And this company in particular is spectacular. First company to make and sell backpacks like this. They are all about quality and that is what you get.

    • Kirby says...

      Ah, remind me to do some back work regarding your questions. I will also try to see what is wrong with that amazon link within the sidebar.

    • Bradley Breyfogle says...

      I have e been on TPN since u has a total gastrectomy in 08, I also have severe gastroparestis. The link for your bag did show up. Could you please send me the king.

      Thank you, Brad Breyfogle E-mail is

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