After a long week of waiting, and a painful weekend – they finally were able to identify the strain of Staph and prescribe antibiotics. Hopefully it clears up soon and I’ll be able to stop needing liquid oxycodone just to make it through the night. I’m just thankful it isn’t MRSA and that antibiotics will take care of my infection.

My previous PCP had me on birth control pills to regulate my estrogen levels. I was unable to maintain a healthy level of estrogen and when that happens – you are likely to enter an early phase of osteoporosis. Not something you want to deal with at the age of 26. So I agreed to take them even though I had horrible experiences with them previously. I was put on them the year before for the same reason, shortly after my abdominal myomectomy, so I knew sort of what to expect. I suffer horrible nightsweats while on BC pills and this of course happened again on my new pill. I dealt with it. But a few months in, I began to experience other troubling and uncomfortable symptoms. I looked up the medication online and searched through forums to see if others were experiencing the same thing.

Now I understand that forums are not always the place to go for medical advice, but after years of being ignored by doctors – you get to the point of trying anything. When many of the women expressed the same symptoms as the ones I began developing, I decided to see what happens when I went off the pill. A week and many migraines later, I am actually starting to feel like myself again. I might even try running this week, or at least taking a nice long walk (if it isn’t raining of course, which might be too much to ask of Seattle).

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