I’m sorry I haven’t been around to answer messages and requests either through here or my e-mail. I have had a very difficult year that includes at least three episodes of sepsis and septic shock with hospitalizations and stays in the ICU. Not to mention many other surgeries, procedures and one emergency surgery which happened early April. But I’m here now and between surgeries. I’m hoping to post a more detailed update as to what has gone on with me and more write-ups for the procedures I have had to go through. Some, like the c-tube failure and majorly successful ileostomy, might be of some help to those who have been messaging me or those new to this site and are looking for such information. Thank you for your patience and concerns. I’ll be doing my best to update where appropriate.

Happier tummy days to you all!

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  • Pennie says...

    my doc just prescribed bethanechol for my gastroparesis. I don’t see this medicine listed on any site. do u know anything about it? 9 months ago they removed my gallbladder and then my colon. I also have a pacemaker in my back to help with bowels. im tired of all the pain and surgeries!

  • Kelli says...

    I am so happy that I found this site!I have only met one other person with GP so this is very refreshing. After four years of constant throwing up and diahrrea with migraines and severe abdominal pain I finally had a diagsonis of gastroparisis and IBS with sever constipation. (the IBS was not a new find.) I tried dompardone etc… with no relief. In 2010 I recieved my neuro stimulator and had great results for three years. For the last six months I have been going backwards.Three weeks ago Dr. Patterson recommended pyloroplasty. I was wondering if you have had anyone comment on the procedure.
    I wish you and your husband the best with this new year!

  • Kirby says...

    I see Dr. Patterson too – and I had the pyloroplasty procedure he recommended. It isn’t an immediate fix. It takes many months to even know if it worked. I had a neurostimulator as well and like you, it worked well (controlled nausea only but something is better than nothing) for 3 years and then started causing issues. The procedure isn’t all that painful. Expect a 3 day (maybe less) stay in the hospital but you’ll be on your feet that same day. The incision heals fast too. I really hope it helps you. I’ve heard from others about the success they have had. If you have anymore questions, let me know! Good luck!

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