Hey everyone!

I am adding a FAQ page and need your help. If you’d like to participate, this is what I need: a) generalized (not specific to your situation) questions about any treatment, surgery, medication, or procedure (i.e., can you swim with a feeding tube? how do you shower with a PICC line?) b) questions asked by family (giving them easy access to answers they may have now or in the future) c) questions regarding participation in activities while undergoing treatment (ex: What do I do when my friends want to go out to eat?) and d) questions about research or other webpages that may offer additional information (to always have a list of websites that also provide specific information). Please send questions and comments either via e-mail or in a comment below.

Thank you in advance!

Happy tummy days!

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  • Jacqueline Rodriguez says...

    Hi, Kirby,
    I’m so glad I found your webpage! I’ve suffered with gastroparesis on and off all my life. I’m 49, and am going through the worst of it now. Reglan isn’t working for me, and I wondered if there’s anything else that can be done to help me eat, and have it leave my stomach… Do abdominal-strengthening exercises ever help? Is there something that could get that vagus nerve active again? There doesn’t seem to be much research or scientific work in this area and I’m at my wit’s end. Thank you so much for giving us a very needed webpage to support you and each other.

  • Conny Weber says...

    Hello Kirby,

    I see your Video at You Tube…so many Information about Gastroparesis, THANK You!

    I`m new and i look for others with Gastroparesis. I`m diagnosted by Gastroparesis (Diabetes Typ 3a3)since July 2012 but i become a G-Jet-PEG on 24.09.2013. Now I look for help.

    Thats very difficult because I come from Germany and here is it not public and relatively unknown.

    Please write me back??? Yes?

    Sorry for my bad English but i learn 🙂

    greetings in the USA 🙂 Thank you.

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