Too clever not to post – Author Unknown

Funny little thing about this tummy o’mine,
doesn’t wanna work like once upon a time.
I can eat the food but it just sits,
making my tummy hurt and throw a lot of fits!
Sometimes the food doesn’t wanna stay,
I feel like a cow chewing cud all day.
Then there’s the pain with no end in sight,
I hurt all through the day and all through the night.
Off comes the weight down another size,
God how I miss those burger and fries!
But gone are those foods, this is hard to endure,
what can I have ? Oh GOODY Ensure!!!
My energy is gone, it’s completely zapped,
outta bed got dressed, now time for a nap.
The doctors the tests, they all take there toll,
the diet I hope contains lots of cinnamon rolls.
But let me just say on some serious notes,
there is no cure no magic antidote.
I can hear you say “you’re getting so thin!”
but I’m fighting a battle I’m praying to win.
Feeding tubes & stimulator’s transplants & liquid diets,
those are my options, my life is far from a riot!
So before you judge me on how I look,
remember this: “judge not just by the cover, but the whole book.”
So now you see why something is a miss,
what’s it called you ask?